Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Groping Bus Western Chikan Groping On A City Transit Bus During Rush Hour?

Groping on a city transit bus during rush hour? - groping bus western chikan

I am the only woman to have been molested in a crowded train at rush hour? For nearly a week I've been down the gym at peak times and twice have been groping. The first time someone touches me a little of my sweat, but the second time had the balls to stay in a hand under my top. I could not see who did not know and not what to do. Do you have something to simulate anything, and want to share the experience?


  1. I was really surprised the first time, if someone touches my bum on the train. I turned quickly and shouted that he did this? Overlooking the sea of faces, all seemed paralyzed.
    It is impossible to know who did it.
    Many other times I was groped on buses and trains, someone I really clung to his body tried to masturbate, a stupid Sicko.
    Usually only on the left side, sometimes I saw the person who is directly over the foot. He arrived in elevators and in concerts. Aj, the people you touch, without your permission, you will feel like a piece of meat.

  2. They are certainly not alone. I, too, a real man had his hand up her skirt high up in the middle of the road! Then he ran .... In any case, in the process that has taught me to always try to use by people screaming as he caught) still recover up to (so loud "THIS PERV had his hand on my shirt!" The other guys in a train there. Or you could carry around a safety pin when they try to stab. Unfortunately, there was never reached in a position to anyone. But I can tell, scream, when it comes to the person should stop immediately comes. You do not want to be caught, and we are confident that women are too shy to speak. Yell: "Who is playing, stop it!" Yes, everyone will see and feel a bit stupid, but it's better than feeling a little hurt.

    Oh, and all those who think it is funny to say, what's the problem? o They should be flattered, I expect that some A ** hole does the same thing to her mother one day and see how big it is then.

  3. ♥ Mudkip ♥ - AMFebruary 19, 2010 at 9:40 PM

    When my mother came to Greece in the 70s, men in the bus rubbing his penis against her. It was a terrible experience for them, especially since I was in another country, am not very familiar.

    When this happens a lot, trying to flee clear a path through the crowd, or the train by the driver.

  4. It is very impolite. perhaps only to avoid, at the time, or wear clothes that make it impossible.
    probably not the best option, but perhaps the poor use of the person he is, if it happens again, you can show to avoid.
    Good luck anyway. Nobody has the right to do so.

  5. Groping is beautiful, that is, when it comes to ........... from someone who finds you attractive, otherwise known Uninvited touching illegal!

  6. Petesakes go to a therapist ..

  7. If you're a pepper spray on a small, compact package. everybody pays for what he did.

  8. ick thats gross, not more difficult, or something occurs to them or whether its torwards back up side

  9. Frotteurism is a recognized psychiatric disorder, and you will find in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM listed). There is also a form of sexual assault and is punishable as a criminal act. Wipes most (but obviously not all) young people under 26 years - it seems that many of these children grow out of it. But as our hero is a work in progress:

    "The other day I was on the train, with this beautiful creature before me.'s All good: How nice, I am inclined to 80 degrees, has a good pace, when suddenly she began to scream and yell. Speak You ask about the mood of a killer. Of course, only stopping the entire train, so that now everyone is against me angry, and I have two policemen me all these personal questions. What an effort! Sometimes I ask myself why I continue to do so . 't' to the point where it almost impossible to get involved, without rubbing a small concussion. Finish The Golden Age of friction ... And women who have realized what happening stood silently on the wall, while the men used their strange bodies, stiff and motionless as a form of sexual gratification. Those were the days! "

    So great to make, SCREAM Theater and ruin the day of evil. Tell the driver, and he can radio ahead to get some security and to welcome the police to his friend at the next stop. Thus, a public service, good luck and will be heard!

    * Um ... attack or assault on the person with pepper spray (which is illegal, even to the place where I myself live) or tend to end up in prison stabbing. Use your common sense. Let the pepper spray in Bear Country.